Setting up an LLC

A Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a flexible company type and popular amongst small business owners. Setting up an LLC isn’t too difficult and it’s something anyone can do on their own without hiring a lawyer or purchasing a service online. Unfortunately, the steps required to set up an LLC vary state-by-state, as LLCs are registered and recognized on the state level. The only thing you need to do before setting up an LLC is to acquire an Employer Identification Number from the IRS – which can be done online in a matter of minutes at:,,id=102767,00.html

The purpose of an Employee Identification Number is for the Federal Government to be able to easily identify your business, as you’ll be submitting your EIN on your form 1065 (U.S. Return of Partnership Income) when you file taxes at the end of the year. In the eyes of the IRS an LLC is taxed the same way as a Partnership, as both are “pass through” entities. Form 1065 simply shows how much profit your business earned, which is then “passed” onto owners, which must report their share of that income on their individual form 1040.

After getting your EIN from the IRS website you can proceed with setting up your LLC with whichever state you reside in. Some states make forming an LLC incredibly easy. New Jersey for example has an online portal where you can quickly and easily create an LLC at:

Other states require you to download PDF forms, print them, fill them out, sign them and mail them in. This is usually a bigger “hassle” because it can take longer to get everything set up. Nearly every State charges a “fee” for registering an LLC. Alaska for example charges a $250 fee to form an LLC while Wyoming only charges a $100. You’ll need to go to your state’s official “Secretary of State” website and look up the exact procedures yourself, as the required steps are unique for each state. You can use the table below to help find some of these forms:

Alabama Filing Fees for Corporations Division Forms
Download Forms
Alaska Forms and Fees
Arkansas Forms and Filing Fees
Arizona Filing Checklists and Forms (including fee info.)
California Forms / Samples (including fee info.)
Colorado Business Divisions Forms Index
Fee Schedule
File a Document (interactive)
Connecticut Commercial Recording Division Forms Index
Fee Schedule [PDF]
Delaware Corporate Forms and Certificates
Division of Corporations Fee Schedule [PDF]
DC Forms and Documents (including fee info.)
Florida Forms
Corporation Fees
Georgia Filing Procedures for Georgia Business Entities
Corporation Division Filing Fees
Hawaii Registration Forms and Information
Idaho Corporation Forms
Corporation Fee Schedule
Business Entity Main Page (includes LLC and Partnership Fees and Forms)
Illinois Publications and Forms (includes fee info.)
Indiana Forms
Filing Fee Schedule
Iowa Forms
Filing Fee Schedule
Kansas Forms and Fees
Kentucky Business Filing Forms
Filing Fee Schedule
Louisiana Forms
Fee Schedule [PDF]
Maine Business Corporations Forms and Fees
Non-Profit Corporations Forms and Fees
Limited Liability Company (LLC) Forms and Fees
Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Forms and Fees
Maryland Business Entity Forms (“Instructions” include fee info.)
Massachusetts Downloadable Forms and Fax Filing
Filing Fees
Michigan Corporation Forms
Limited Liability Company Forms
Limited Liability Partnership Forms
Limited Partnership Forms
Minnesota Forms
Filing Fee Schedule [PDF]
Mississippi Forms Library
Profit and Non-Profit Corporations Fee Schedule
Missouri Forms
Schedule of Corporation Fees and Charges [PDF]
Montana Business Filing Forms
Filing Fees [PDF]
Nebraska Corporate and Business Forms
Fee Schedule [PDF]
Nevada Forms & Fees
New Hampshire Forms (includes fee info.)
New Jersey Forms, Fees, and Instructions
Online Business Entity Filing
New Mexico Corporations Forms (includes fee info.)
New York Business Filings (Corporations, LLC, LLP)
Fee Schedules (Corporations, LLC, LLP)
North Carolina Forms (Corporations, LLC, LLP)
Fees (Corporations, LLC, LP)
North Dakota Forms and Fees (Corporations, LLC, LLP)
Ohio Corporate Forms (includes fee info.)
Oklahoma Business Forms (includes fee info.)
Oregon Forms and Fee Schedule
Pennsylvania Forms
Fees and Payment
Rhode Island Forms and Fees
South Carolina Forms Library
Fee Schedules
South Dakota Forms
Filing and User Fees
Tennessee Forms and Fee Schedules
Texas Business Organization Forms
Fee Schedule
Utah Forms
Schedule of Fees [PDF]
Vermont Forms
Filing Fees
Virginia Business Entity Forms and Fees
West Virginia Business Filing Forms
Fee Schedule [PDF]
Washington Registration Forms
Fee Schedule / Expedited Service
Wisconsin Forms
Fee Schedules
Wyoming Forms (Profit Corporations, LLC, LLP, Non-Profit)
Filing Fee Schedule

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